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Kenny Keen's old small press art
:iconkennykeen: shows off some of his old artwork. Fans of early-2000s minicomics may recognize a few of the characters, including one of mine around the 7:58 mark:
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Do I start this journal off by saying, "Star Date" or something? Nope because that's just plain stupid. Okay here goes... A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away...
... There was born into the world an artist who could maybe, just possibly save the world from self destruction... and yes, as you may have already guessed. .. that man wasn't me. I was the kid that instead of drawing still life and learning about artists who spatter paint on walls, would rather draw pictures of super heroes, wrestlers and half naked chicks. The kid who made his own knock off comics of Spider-Man, Transformers and G.I. Joe... and no I didn't title it G.I. Blow. It was called U.S. Command... which I misspelled for the first 5 issues. :-) I made over 12 of them bad boy's and made my little sisters read them. They are still scarred to this day from those childhood events. Now that I look back I can't blame them at all. In some countries that could be considered terrorism.
Yes I'm being hard on myself but I realize I was just a kid with a passion for doing something that made me happy. My own world of characters with big circle heads and only 3 fingers on each hand. Yes these deformed little cartoons were more real to me than the assholes that sat beside me on the bus admiring the shiny new boogers they had just picked and wanted to share their discovery with me. :-( Could my self made comics be my shiny new boogers? Of course not, that's just sick.
I sat day after day drawing new comics, slowly creating my very own unique characters. Some of them are still around to this day and with practice grew out of their deformities. I didn't realize at the time that I needed to draw still life and look at real anatomy and due to that my poor creations had to suffer until I one day woke up and began to take the whole process in and see the big picture. I must have been about 15 then and started to get more into painting and put more emotion into my work but all of the sudden I hit a brick wall and lost myself into something to this day I have yet to understand... and that my friends was women. I hardly drew anything for the next couple of years. I lost my focus on art and was focused completely on... let's call it love shall we. ;-) It wasn't a bad thing, I was just unbalanced and had my priorities all wrong. Later on after I got married I began to get that drive back in me to pick up the pencil again.
I began to revision several of my old characters such as Slayer and even some new ones. I was back with a vengeance! Hell yeah, I was going to publish my own comics and do it my way... so I thought anyway. I submitted my first Slayer one-shot to Diamond Distribution. They told me how much they loved the non stop action and that it kept them on the edge of their seat... I had them reeled in, everyone loves action right?! Well, apparently I forgot to learn how to ink and my perspective was off and it had an unprofessional feel that at the time I didn't think mattered for an independent comic book. They kindly turned down my submission for previews. I couldn't blame them because they were right. I hadn't taken the time to... say it with me one more time, "SEE THE BIG PICTURE." Very good boy's and girls.
That was over fifteen years ago.... I was crushed... I then moved to China where I have lived for many years in solitude as a monk. I practice drawing while blindfolded while balancing on one leg. I even found an old friend there who has finally mastered his art of booger picking. He calls it, "golden booger kung- fu." I have meditated everyday and taken an oath to one day face off with Diamond Distro. and bring down this monster... maybe I was born to save the world after all before we are devoured by this greedy beast.
Okay, I really didn't go to China and exaggerated a bit on that last paragraph but that would have been awesome if I did... well, except the booger part. Anyway, I have been practicing my skills over those years and self publishing my comics as well as contributing to small press comics from other creators. The last several years I have moved into an Indy publisher status and work with other, "Indy" creators. My sisters even ask to read my comics now and  they didn't need that therapy after all. Talk about a waist of money. ;-)
My current works can be ordered from my website at or at I've also worked with Highburn Studios on several books and you can see more from them at I do several comiccons a year and have just began selling my sketch cards on eBay.
That's all of the shameless plugs we have time for in this installment and I hope you've been entertained by my somewhat true life story. Tune in next time when I over emphasize a new funny word like butt crack. One more thing, it's 3:30 am and I probably won't remember any of this confessional. So do me a favor and when you comment about it just mention the magic words," enlightened art monkey" and It will come right back to me. Okay, say it one time for good measure. This has been all i can stand for now so I'll be writing something here again when my brain swelling goes down. Later!


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Kenny Keen
Artist | Professional | Varied
United States
Kenny Keen is the creator of SLAYER, EXPULSE, RUTHLESS and 100's of other unfinished ideas. He has contributed short stories, pin-ups, and covers to numerous small press publications over the years. Kenny is also the creator and owner of Midnight Horizon Comics, a partner company along side Highburn. He is also the letterer for
When Kenny is not working on a project he can be found studying the Korean Martial Art Hap Ki Do. If a lazy streak hits him you will find him playing the PlayStation, watching movies, or fighting with his kids over the last doughnut.
His credits include: Slayer (Midnight Horizon Comics), Expulse (Midnight Horizon Comics), Ruthless (Dimestore Productions/Midnight Horizon Comics, Dressed To Kill (Highburn Studios), Guardians (Dakuwaka Publishing), Tribulations (Highburn Studios), Fortune's Curse (Midnight Horizon Comics), Legend of the Guitar Hero (Originew Animation Studio), as well as various small press publications.

Current Residence: Bassett, Va
Favourite genre of music: Alternative rock and heavy metal
Favourite style of art: Comic book art
Operating System: Windows 7
Favourite cartoon character: Batman/ Spider-Man.
Personal Quote: Never give up... not even when you're dead!!


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